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>Wojciech Odrobina : characteristics of horizontal elements in architecture
Posted by wojciechodrobina on February 17th Wholesale Custom Jerseys , 2020

Wojciech Odrobina : characteristics of horizontal elements in architecture

The architect Wojciech Odrobina, recognized for his specializations in architectural design, design and urban planning, this time he shares a bit about some characteristics of the horizontal elements in architecture.

* May consist of a base plane, elevated or not, that contrasts with the surrounding surface

* Some vertical elements can be used to reinforce them; * It is possible that you have a certain depression (sinking).

On the other hand Wholesale Authentic Jerseys , vertical elements are distinguished because:

* May or may not consist of absolutely opaque surfaces, which does not always affect visibility

* The use of a vertical plane articulates the space in front of which it is located

* When a “L” configuration is used (two vertical planes joined by a vertex and forming a 90 degree angle) a spatial field is created

* Parallel planes generate an oriented spatial volume;

* The "U" arrangement (three planes, such as three faces of an incomplete square) generates a spatial volume oriented to an open end

* If four planes connected to each other are located, an introverted space is created, which articulates the surrounding space field.

The creation of the architectural space is also linked to urban planning (which is responsible for configuring the environment) and decorative arts.

The delimitation of the architectural space is given through the architectural volume. These two concepts (architectural space and architectural volume) are independent.

Sometimes the perception of both does not match. The volume, on the other hand Wholesale Cheap Jerseys , may not coincide with the material form that delimits it, since the size of the color and the textures, the direction of the transparencies and the proportion of the levels may vary.

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